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Do I need a relocation agent? 5 reasons why I believe you do….

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Are you planning on moving to Manchester for either work, schools or leisure but have no idea which areas suit you best and you don’t have time to check it all out for yourself?

If so, then check out my 5 reasons for why a relocation agent could be perfect for you….

  1. A relocation agent can give you personal guidance that an estate agent won’t. By considering your lifestyle, family, wants and desires a relocation agent can help you pin point houses that would work for you, remember they are working on your behalf unlike an estate agent who is working on behalf of the seller.
  2. Time and stress savings. Do you have time to view every property that may be relevant to your search? Probably not! Especially if you are moving to a new area that isn’t near enough to make 1 trip for an amazing house you’ve seen. A relocation agent will take this stress away by doing viewings on your behalf, so you don’t have to see every property. They will also view houses that you wouldn’t have thought of seeing because you never know where there may be a hidden gem that you wouldn’t have considered.
  3. Cost efficiency. As with all services, there is a cost associated with using a relocation agent. However, if you offset this cost with future savings it can actually be of significant value for you, for example, are you moving to Altrincham because we have the best schools in the north of England? And if so, did you know that the catchment areas for the schools can be very small and very specific? I advise any clients moving for schools of the prime locations to live in to ensure they are in an optimal area to ensure their preferred school, because if you get it wrong you may have to figure in the cost of moving house again, or potentially the cost of private education if you aren’t happy with the state schools on offer for you, both of which would cost significantly more than using a relocation agent.
  4. Customised solutions.  Independent relocation agents can offer a range of bespoke services to suit all budgets.If you don’t see a service that you think will suit you, why not start a conversation with the relocation agent? Often working on their own or in a small team there is the flexibility to discuss your needs and come up with a service that suits you. My services range from 1 off viewings with a video walk through if you simply cannot get to a house but know it won’t stay around for long and want more detail, to full rental or sale searches that cover me viewing as many houses as there are out there to find ones that suit your needs, or discovery days where I take you out in the area so you get a feel for where you want to live and find out more about what there is on offer. And if these don’t work for you, we can discuss what would.
  5. Access to networks. A relocation agent spends their time talking to estate agents so they build up a local network that can give them access to properties before they even hit the market giving you the opportunity to be the first, and potentially only, person to view a property. These networks also help make for a smoother negotiating process when the time arises.

So, if you’re looking to make your house move as stress free as possible, both in the short and long term, then using a relocation agent is a great way to help you find your perfect home in your perfect location. Contact me here if you’d like further information on how I can help with your move.