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The Sunday Times Parent Power Report 2024: Unveiling Altrincham’s Educational Triumphs

Each year the Sunday Times releases its Parent Power report that delves into the academic performance of secondary schools across the country, and then splits them into regions. This year the Parent Power results were based not just on academic achievement but further categories including extra curricular activities, pastoral care, school lunch menus and scholarships.

Once again the Greater Manchester area, and in particular schools in Trafford, have fared exceptionally well in the North West, so let’s take a closer look at the results that those behind the survey say are based on the first true post-pandemic exam results.

Parent Power Top 10 state secondary schools (grammar and comprehensive) in the North West

Parent Power have looked at GCSE and A-Level results from the 2023 cohort and schools in the Trafford area have done particularly well. Altrincham Girls Grammar School (AGGS) and Altrincham Grammar School for Boys (AGSB) have ranked 1st and 2nd for the North West and 10th and 21st nationally, followed closely by Sale Grammar (4th and 50th), Loreto Grammar (6th and 70th), Urmston Grammar (8th and 110th) and St Ambrose College (10th and 137th).

AGSB was also awarded the Parent Power North West title of Secondary School of the Year for Academic Performance of which Head Master Graeme Wright said “Our academic performance is founded on the school’s vision of delivering a knowledge-rich curriculum that is rigorously academic, aspirational and inspiring to all, alongside an extra-curricular programme that offers a wealth of opportunities for enrichment and well rounded education”.

Parent Power Top 5 comprehensive schools in the North West

The Parent Power guide is often heavily weighted at the top with grammar schools in the state secondary school ranking so they also have a category solely for comprehensive schools. Wellington School in Timperley came out 3rd in the North West and 297th nationally, which considering the database is over 1600 schools, this is a fantastic result for Trafford and proves why so many families consider Altrincham and the surrounding area as a perfect area to move to, as it has become a hub of educational excellence. 

However, in recent years the catchment area for Wellington High has significantly reduced, leaving many disappointed parents when they don’t get their preferred school. If you would like to know more about Wellington High’s current catchment area then email me here and I can share my research with you.

Parent Power Top 10 independent schools in the North West

With the reputation of schools in Trafford drawing so many people to the area, the resulting over subscription of schools is clear to see. Catchments for these state schools are getting smaller and smaller and so many parents choose independent school if they either don’t want their child to do the eleven plus, or if they don’t manage to pass the exams, or they just feel this is the right education path for their child. The Parent Power top 10 of independent schools shows that Greater Manchester has 3 schools in the top 10 with Withington Girls School placed 1st, Manchester High School for Girls 3rd and Cheadle Hulme School 7th. These schools take children from a large area and have public/school transport servicing popular areas such as Altrincham to make the schools accessible for all attending.

If you would like more information on The Sunday Times Parent Power 2024 list, it can be found here, or if you would like to know more about schools in the South Manchester and the Trafford area then you can contact me here where I am happy to share my knowledge; having been through the grammar system twice with my children I understand how daunting and nerve wracking a process it can be but am happy to share my knowledge and experience to help you make an informed choice for your family.